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Arm yourself or your coaching staff with the most effective and sophisticated approach to contact through the Tip of the Spear Contact System. This framework is a progression for blocking and defeating blocks with a focus on developing key postures and movements to help all players, regardless of position, generate maximum force with the greatest degree of control.

Featuring in-depth drills, instructional videos and opportunities to troubleshoot and assess understanding, the Tip of the Spear Contact System is the comprehensive resource for blocking and defeating blocks.

Explore: Core Elements


Coil, the first element in the CUFF progression, teaches the pre-contact body positions used within Bridge (Blocking) and Pillar (Defeating Blocks).

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Uncoil teaches how to extend or explode from the hips prior to contact to help players maximize force through their hands for the initial strike.

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Fit focuses on the strike or initial contact delivered onto an opponent. It touches on everything from hand placement to the optimal arm length required upon contact.

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Finish, the final step of the CUFF progression, highlights techniques that develop players’ abilities to secure or win-back control of their opponent after the initial strike.

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Master the concepts of applied leverage and the CUFF progression to help players dominate.

How to learn the system



Learn the “why” behind specific techniques, including everything from body placement to strategy and physiology. This “why” should be illustrated to your players as you’re teaching them the techniques.



Learn how to implement the system with instructional drills. These drills progressively build upon one another and develop the fundamentals critical to the Tip of the Spear Contact System.



Installation goes beyond just coaching your players to use the proper techniques. Included within the system are key coaching points and resources to help you troubleshoot common problem areas.



Check your understanding of the fundamentals, techniques and theories behind the system through knowledge checks.



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About Scott Peters

Former NFL offensive lineman Scott Peters is a leading instructor in teaching proper and effective contact skills to players and coaches on the youth, high school, college and pro levels.

A fourth-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles out of Arizona State, Peters began studying Brazilian jiu jitsu and other mixed martial arts disciplines to rebuild strength and mobility in his ankle while recovering from an injury, and he continued his training following his NFL career.

A two-time world champion in submission grappling, Peters has combined his football and MMA knowledge to create a revolutionary program that assists players in improving performance while building blocking, tackling and block defeating fundamentals.

“The Tip of the Spear Contact System is the best in the country to teach contact by using the hands, leverage, and hips.”

Jim McNally, ConsultantCincinnati Bengals

“This system changes the way coaches think. It’s a better way to do things. It starts small, then builds upon itself and you can see how it all comes together. It’s simple, it’s systematic, it’s progressive.”

Brad Zelenovich, Head CoachSoutheast Polk High School (IA)

“We are working in our second year with Scott Peters. This first year, we saw a drastic reduction in concussions.”

Eddy Zubey, Head CoachHigley High School (AZ)

“I’ve studied the techniques hard this summer and will implement many this fall. This system does a great job of advancing the game from a different perspective.”

Bill Callahan, Offensive Line CoachWashington Redskins


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